”Healthy societies treat disturbed individuals, while sick societies follow disturbed individuals.”
”One drop of water poured into the sea does not make a significant difference, but one match lit up in the dark makes a significant difference.”
"The bigger the idea, the smaller the competition."
”If you want to succeed like no one has succeeded before, you must have the courage to live like no one has lived before.”
"There is no need to hurry in life, because there is nowhere to get, except to the cemetery. And the more you hurry, the sooner you may get there."
"It is better to put any plan into action a year too late than one second too soon."
"There are things that cannot be learned - like passion, enthusiasm and authenticity."
"The fight against human irrationality and ignorance is a difficult and exhausting struggle with a completely uncertain outcome."
“One of the most important moments in everyone’s life comes when we stop thinking about what others think of us and start thinking about what we think of them.”
"One can fall in love with cities just as one can fall in love with other people."
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